InSaNe RaMbLiNgS

By Psycho_Sam

WARNING: If you wish to retain your sanity it is strongly suggested that you do not continue to read this.

FEDERAL WARNING: These pages may contain material unsuitable for those under the age of 18; 21 in some states. Also reproduction of the information on any of these pages may not be reproduced legally. This refers to section 9-27-57b of the form from which you state the state you live in and the state of mind you are in while reading this.

CAUTION! These Ramblings may cause anally discomforting, sexually induced violating of the mind and other various parts of the human anatomy. In addition to this We advise that anyone who already has mental problems should not read this they may be in danger of furthering their derangement's. If mentally disturbing images appear in your mind We are not responsible for your reactions.

ENJOY! NOTE: The Actions of Characters in this compilation may not exactly reflect that of their counter parts in this reality.


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All the voices are in Psycho Sam's head, music "All Hope Abandon" performed by Devin Steele

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